Tikiri: UAIL   (Utkal Alumina International Limited) is always committed to promote the tradition and culture of Odisha and of the local community in its Periphery. Going in line with that like every year, this year the auspicious Durga puja was celebrated with great fanfair at D. Koral ground, which was organized by Pooja committee of UAIL. The celebration that began on 4th October 2019, (the sixth day of worship of Maa Durga) was inaugurated by President and Unit Head Shri N. Nagesh and ended on 8th October 2019 on Dussehra day with the burning
of effigy of Ravan.

People from 40 nearby villages came in numbers to witness the fanfare and pay their homage to the goddess Durga. To mark this occasion, mina bazar, Jhula, food stall and fare had been
organized which witness the maximum footfall of the visitors.

Among others the local tahshildar Mr. Soubhagya Behera along with many dignitaries from administration and senior management of UAIL attended this program.

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