Eviction of unauthorised establishments near ‘ Meghnad Pacheri’ in Puri begins

Puri: The Puri district administration has started bulldozing the unauthorised constructions adjacent near ‘Meghnad Pacheri’ of Sri Jagannath Temple , Puri, in presence of 24 platoons of police force and 8 Magistrates.

The eviction was carried out on the basis of recommendations made by Justice B.P.Das Commission of enquiry.The eviction process began at 6 A.M today.

The structures in which CESU pump house,  Singha Dwar police outpost and mobile and shoe stands were operating near Singhadwar on the south side of the temple have been demolished.

Adequate compensation will be paid to owners of private properties while Government establishments will be relocated.

Meanwhile, servitors and local businessmen have criticised the move. They have threatened protest as their business will suffer and several historically significant structures will be razed as a result of the decision.

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